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10 major reasons why colleges require Admission Management Software?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
21 June 2022

Admissions!! Both students and management staff shudder at the phrase alone. Since you are here, it is likely that you were looking for an online admissions system....

Tackle 5 Real Problems of Online Admissions with ERP System for University

Gaurav Somani, Business Development
26 May 2020

“Previous grade cards, diploma, passport size photographs, copies of the original documents, reference letters, address proof, and finance documents…” A student of mine had called me to confirm the checklist for university admissions....

Online Admissions to Universities: A Smart Start to Academic Year 2020

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
19 May 2020

A look at how university erp software can help you reach your admissions targets. In life, as in sports, you can always run into a wall. And there is one wall that seems impenetrable at the moment…Covid-19!....

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