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Student Fee Management System

Collect fees online, manage the whole process over a few clicks and generate daily reports using MasterSoft’s Fee Management System with enhanced solutions for admission and fees collection. Handle transactions of multiple students simultaneously with the high accuracy and smooth experience offered by MasterSoft.

The Fee management system offers hassle free fees payment for the students, just in a few clicks. It generates fees structures from the previously-stored student data and allocates it to the students based on various aspects like reservation, scholarships, and others. It can be integrated with other systems for smoother workflow and minimal human intervention.

Features of Student Fees Management System

Easy Report Generation

The system enables easy report generation in all the required formats for daily, weekly, and monthly data.

Multiple Modes of Payment

The system allows credit cards, debit cards, online gateways, and UPI payment options.

AI-Based Analysis

The system helps to conduct AI-based analysis on generated reports for a better understanding.

Generates E-receipts

Students are notified about fees payments using email/SMS and e-receipts are given on confirmation.

Multiple Logins

The software allows restricted logins to individuals based on their positions and role in the institute.

Mobile/Laptop Access

The software can be accessed through phone and laptop at per user's convenience.

Key Functionalities of Student Fee Management System

Fees Structure Allocation

The software allocates fees structures to the students based on various aspects such as courses, subjects, scholarships, and reservations. Every student receives a separate structure and the fees can be paid by the student accordingly

Fees Payment

The software enables the students and parents to pay fees online using various modes of transactions such as credit/debit cards, net banking, payment gateways, and UPI options. The system is hassle-free and easy to use for the students and faculty members.

Fees Report Generation

The software stores the data and makes runtime updates in the system. The reports are generated daily as well as on monthly basis. It gives a list of students with their fees status and helps the institute to send reminders.

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Benefits of Student Fee Management System

Automates all Tasks

The software automates all the fees related processes and tasks of the institute and reduces human involvement.

Highly Secure Transactions

The software is based on a cloud platform offering high security and safe backup.

Transparency of Candidate Status

The candidates can check their fees status and get confirmation on the system.

How does MasterSoft Ease the Process of Fee Collection in Schools or Colleges?

MasterSoft’s fee management system is a highly advanced tool offering AI-based analysis reports, graphical representation of student data, and sends Email/SMS notifications to the students. The system helps the faculty members to manage tedious documentation processes and maintain records of all the transactions. Further, it verifies bank statements with the transactions received for better accuracy of the system.

The system generates bank-wise fees collection data, fees abstract reports, regular fees collection registrations, fees write-off reports and others in required formats for better analysis and decision making.

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FAQs On Fee Management System

A fees management system is software that automates all the fees related tasks in the institute including fees collection, registration, confirmation, and others. The institutions must adopt a fees management system to improve efficiency of fees collection activity, reduce faculty workload and automate all the monotonous and tedious tasks of the institute.

Features of fees management system
  • Mobile/ laptop access
  • Automation of tasks
  • Easy to use
  • Highly secure system
  • Easy report generation
Features of fees management system - Benefits
  • High transparency
  • 100% product process fit
  • Saves manpower cost
  • Highly secure system
  • Improves efficiency of institute
  • The system allocates fees structures to the students separately
  • The students register for the admission and fees process
  • The students pay fees after admission using various payment options
  • The system collects fees and gives them a confirmation message
  • The software updates data in real-time on payment of the students
  • The system sends reminders on pending payments